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Monday, 30 September 2013

Funny And Basics Steps Of Engineering Students

Change Your Impossible Tasks Into Possible By Teamwork

Funny Scene For Poor Man In Inflation - Funny Eid

مہنگائی کے ہاتھوں پریشان عام آدمی کی عید کا منظر

Females Can Use This Man Shaped Pillow For Hugging

Male Shaped Pillow Designed For Young Alone Girls Only

Very Funny Cutting Of This Plant In Human Shape - Funny Garden

What The Funny Man Staring In this Human Shaped Plant...?

All Laws In Pakistan Are Valid Only For Pakistani Ordinary People

There Is No Law For Pakistani Police In Pakistan

Use Your Apple Beer Server G3 As A Wine Machine - Funny Idea

Get Wine From Beer Server G3 Computer

Very Funny And Sexy Shadow Of These Two Cups Like Boobs

Funny, Interesting And Awesome Shodow Of These Two Cups

Imran Khan Hitting Nawaz Sharif With His Shoe - Funny Politicians

Imran, Zardari & Shujaat Punished Nawaz Sharif

That Is The Difference Between Programmer And Hacker

It Shows That Programmer Made And Hacker Steals

It Is A Room Window Not Computer Window - Funny Painting

Make Your Room Window As A Computer Window

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Funny Suicide Of Cute Crazy Finger - Creative Art

Funny Suicide With Pistol On Violent Finger

Funny Couple Crazy Kissing On Their Wedding Day

Funny Couple Is Kissing Each Other From Their Cars

Captcha Says Don't Type, Then What Should I Typed Here...?

Don't Type And Type The Two Words ... What I Should Do...?

Happy Electricity Tower In Unhappy Pakistan Without Electricity

Electricity Towers Are Very Happy In Unhappy Pakistan

Storage Of Rainwater Into A Tank Through Umbrella - Funny Cartoons

This Is Called Engineering...!

Funny Parent Put Their Babies In The Bags On Their Backs

Easy Way Of Shopping While Your Babies Are With You

Four Police Ladies Are Failed To Pick Up This Fat Woman

Pakistani Stupid Police Punishing A Fat Woman On Road

Each Finger Has Its Own Hand - Bizarre Picture

How Many Hands And Fingers Are In This Picture...?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Old Tree Looks Like An Idol - Amazing Tree

You Can See Human Face On This Hilarious Tree

Beautiful And Amazing House In The Middle Of The Motorway

This Strange House Built In The Middle Of The Road In China

You Can Taste All Apples Before You Buy It - Funny Quotes

Funny Shopkeeper's Funny Offer

Funny Little Baby Doing Multiple Tasks In A Single Time Period

Cute Baby Using Internet And Drinking Milk From Feeder

Funny Guy Shaving His Beard By Using Laptop - Funny Boy

Funny People Used Laptop Camera As A Mirror For Shaving

There Is The Only Way To Prevent Students From Cheating

This Examination Hall Is Now Secure From Cheating Papers

Beautiful And Amazing Scene Of Dates Trees - Funny Tree

Most Beautiful Dates Trees On The Same Place

Funny Elephant Awesome Performance In Front Of Public

Funny Elephant Is Doing Something Stormy Today

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Funny Dog Couple Enjoying Life On The Beach - Funny Animals

Male Dog Making Love With Female Dog On The Beach

Funny Zardari Is Selling Watermelon On The Road - Funny Political

Best Job Of Zardari As A Road Hawker Selling Watermelon

Pakistani Corrupt Police Taking Bribe From Young Man - Shame On Pakistani Police

The Big Terrorist In Pakistan Is Pakistani Bastard Police

Funny Dog Pees On A Sleeping Girl On The Beach - Funny Animal

Young Blonde Girl Have A Good Sleep On The Beach

Oops! Funny Blonde Girl Fell Into The Pool - Funny Girl

This Girl Could Not Control On Herself From Falling Into Pool

Monday, 23 September 2013

In Office Lady Employee Playing Poker On Computer Instead Of Work

Funny Woman Complete Several Tasks In A Single Time Period

Funny Drawing Of Ceiling Fan Helicopter - Funny Roof

Drawing Your Helicopter On Your Roof

Beware Of Eating Yellow Snow - Funny Sign Board

White Snow Is Not That Much Safer For Eating...

Funny Baby Is Checking To See If Dinner Is Ready...

Little Hungry Baby Insert His Hand Into His Mom Brazier

Check Your Body Sugar Daily, Not Your Sugar Pot - Urdu Joke

Doctor Advice Pathan "Check Your Sugar Daily"

Funny And Amazing Koh Ker Tower Tree In Cambodia

Beautiful Hotel In Koh Ker Tower Tree

A Bicycle Is Connected To A Motorbike Through A Piece Of Wood

Funny Overload Of A Big Piece Of Wood On Two Vehicles

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Funny And Desi Indian Tata Sky Dish Antenna - Funny Device

Very Funny Tata Sky Dish Antenna In India

Funny Fight Between Engineer Couple Students - Funny Mathematics

Very Funny And Crazy Life Of Engineering Couple

Brave People Can Use Their Small Pick-Up Van As A Helicopter

Use Your Small Van As A Helicopter

African Boys Make A Clay Pool Table - Funny African

African Guys Enjoying Homemade Pool Table

Awesome Shisha Smoking By A Pakistani Baby - Funny Baby

Cute Funny Baby In a Village Smoking Hookah